Wedding Ministry

Wedding Policy

The First Presbyterian Church of Delaware City welcomes those seeking the sanctity of marriage in our historic church.  Those wishing to be married in the church should:

  1. Contact the clerk(s) of session requesting permission to be married in the church and provide the date of the ceremony.
  2. Meet with the session to discuss their intentions, tour the church, and review the policy for church usage. After meeting with session representatives, the session will vote to approve the wedding.
  3. Meet with the minister. If the couple would like to use our church’s ministers, then a meeting will be set up between the couple and the minister.  If the couple would like to use a different ordained Presbyterian minister, the couple should have the minister contact our church’s lead minister/session member to discuss the mechanics of the wedding.  The couple is responsible for compensating the minister.
  4. Seek approval for alternative officiant. Other officiants, if desired, must be approved by the session.  These situations will be handled on a case by case basis.
  5. Attend counseling. Pre-marital counseling by the presiding minister/officiant will be at the discretion of the minister/officiant.


Music for the wedding is the responsibility of the couple.  The session may be able to provide the couple with suggestions for approved organists for our historic pipe organ.  Only approved organists may play the pipe organ.  Other music is at the discretion of the couple.


Only flameless candles are permitted, with the exception of the symbolic lighting of the unity candle.  The unity candle must be extinguished before the minister leaves sanctuary.  Additionally, no open flame, sparklers, or similar items are permitted.


No tape, push pins, staples, command strips, or other materials that could cause damage can be used on plaster walls, pews, window sills, doors, painted areas, etc.  Display of decorations should not cause damage to surfaces.   Center aisle runner is permitted, but safety should be a consideration.  Decorations must be removed immediately following the wedding.  Rice, bird seed, confetti, etc. are not permitted.  In lieu of traditional rice throwing, bubbles and bells are acceptable.  Flowers and decorations may be set up the day before the wedding, with the time coordinated with the chaperone.  All event decorations (flowers, décor, materials, equipment, etc.) must be removed from church at the conclusion of the event.  Any floral arrangements to be donated to the church must be prearranged with a church representative.  Trash must be taken out at the end of the event.  The church chaperone will be responsible for trash removal.  Church sponsored chaperone will double check facilities at lock up.


Although the church is a house of worship, photography and video is permitted during weddings.  Please do so respectfully.


Tobacco products and alcohol are not permitted in the building or on the grounds.

Comfortable capacity for the sanctuary is:  144 with approximately a dozen more seats possible.

Because our church is a historic structure, handicap access is limited.  There is on street parking.  The church is not responsible for lost/missing items.


While both members and non-members are able to be married in our church, fees are based upon active membership.  Active membership will be defined by the session.  Those requesting marriage in the church must be an active member in good standing at the time of the inquiry in order to benefit from church member rates.*



Sanctuary:  donation at member’s discretion Sanctuary:  $275 donation
Chaperone/Turn Key:  $125 Chaperone/Turn Key:  $125
Optional Fee:  $200 for cleaning specifically for the wedding event Optional Fee:  $200 for cleaning specifically for the wedding event
Contingency Fee:  $50 minimum for inclement weather (snow removal) or other unforeseen similar circumstance Contingency Fee:  $50 minimum for inclement weather (snow removal) or other unforeseen similar circumstance
TBD =$400 minimum

*An active member in good standing is one who is up to date and current with per capita and who supports the church and its missions.

A deposit of 50% is required at the time of the booking.  It is refundable only up to 6 weeks prior to the wedding date.  The church fellowship hall and kitchen shall not be used for a wedding reception without the wedding ceremony also being held at the church.


January 1, 2018
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