Our Story

Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”   Genesis 9:16

Early History of the First Presbyterian Church of Delaware City

In the year 1835 a few persons connected with the old Presbyterian Church at St. Georges, Delaware and others in Delaware City moved in the interests of a house of worship in Delaware City.

Application was made to Manuel Eyre of Philadelphia, the owner of the Delaware City site, for a lot of ground whereon to build, which resulted in his deeding to Trustees of the Presbyterian Church at or near St. Georges, and their successors, or until Trustees shall be lawfully appointed for the church erected upon the said lot, solely in trust for the use and benefit of the inhabitants of Delaware  City and its neighborhood who are professors of the Presbyterian religion, for their use only as a place of worship or religious instruction and burial ground and always to be kept and used for those purposes.  Upon a lot at the North corner of Jefferson and Second Streets was erected a brick church, surmounted with a steeple.  This was commenced in 1835 and finished in 1836, when it was dedicated.  John McIntire was the builder.

The Reverend James C. How was now pastor of the St. Georges Church, and preached there in the morning and at the Delaware City Church in the afternoon.  This arrangement existed until the year 1846, when a separation took place between Delaware City Church and the parent church at St. Georges.   A formal request was made by Trustees of the Delaware City Presbyterian Church to the Trustees of the St. Georges Presbyterian Church to deed the ground which Manuel Eyre had deeded to St. Georges to the Delaware City Church.  The Trustees of St. Georges Church granted their request and in the spring of 1846 they executed a deed of the property asked for to Trustees of the Delaware City Presbyterian Church.

A meeting was held on April 2, 1846 for the purpose of electing trustees for the government of the church and congregation.  At this meeting it was agreed that the Delaware City congregation shall take the name of the First Presbyterian Church of Delaware City.  11/13/16

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